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Here at Funerals Ltd, we are able to offer you our premium domestic services at an affordable price and at the highest quality possible. Funerals Ltd have many years of experience in organising repatriations to the United Kingdom from locations across the globe. Our reputation for efficiency, professionalism and personal attention with many Embassies, Consulates and HM Government offices, as well as many airlines and transportation companies, is considered to be beyond compare. Due to our frequent dealings with these agencies we are intimately familiar with the complex rules and regulations involved in organising repatriation services. Our extensive experience in repatriation, combined with our unwavering commitment to personal service and the pursuit of excellence, means that Paul Williams Independent Funeral Directors are the ideal choice for your family in your time of need.

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Abroad Deaths

If a death happens abroad and you would like your loved one to be buried in the UK, it is a law requirement to have the body embalmed and secured in a zinc-lined coffin. We should be able to arrange all this for you and prepare the body in this way. It is also required a certified English translation of the death certificate, written authorisation from local authorities to remove the body, and a certificate of the embalming. Once at home with the deceased, we will arrange a funeral within the United Kingdom. To do this we will need the translated death certificate to the register office or registrar in the area in which you hope to hold the funeral. Formal certificates will then be issued by this office and the funeral will be able to proceed.

Services we provide


Services we are able to provide in the arrangement of an incoming international repatriation:

  • We are able to arrange repatriation to the United Kingdom from any country across the globe.
  • Working with our international partner funeral home and mortuaries, we are able to arrange for the collection and preparation of the deceased, and provision of a suitable coffin or casket, prior to transportation back to the United Kingdom
  • Collection of the deceased at any airport or seaport in the mainland United Kingdom, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Unsealing of the zinc-lined transportation coffin if required, and provision of an extensive selection of coffins of caskets suitable for funeral services in the United Kingdom.
  • Reception and safe-keeping of the deceased at the funeral home, with any additional preparation and embalming procedures being undertaken as required.
  • Provision of funeral home facilities and staff necessary for arrangement of the funeral service and for visitation of the deceased.
  • Undertaking of funeral services in the UK, involving church services if required, followed by burial or cremation at any location in the mainland United Kingdom. This includes provision of necessary staff, vehicles and funeral furnishings.
  • Attendance at the relevant embassies, consulates and government offices to obtain the relevant permits and authorities for the purposes of repatriation.
  • Booking and confirmation of flights from any destination worldwide.

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Alexandra made the whole process easy and as painless as possible for me. Highly recommended

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